The system is from RightEye, a health technology company using eye tracking to revolutionize vision performance and patient care.

With this new technology acquisition, Excela Health becomes the first health system in Pennsylvania to utilize eye-tracking technology as part of its concussion protocol and joins the ranks of dozens of professional sports teams, leading sports health physicians and vision care centers across the nation also using RightEye.

“As a doctor of sports medicine who treats concussions regularly, objectivity and accuracy in testing are of absolute importance to me,” said Dr James Masterson, head of the Excela Health Sports Concussion Program.

“RightEye’s technology provides the kind of invaluable, objective information about the visual system that we need to accurately evaluate and monitor concussions. For the first time, we have a system that uses data to support recovery and indicate an appropriate return to play for our patients.”

RightEye offers a cloud-based eye-tracking technology system and software, which allows providers to access a variety of tests, including RightEye Neuro Vision, a set of concussion tests taking under two minutes to complete, that help health care providers more clearly understand the severity of a patient’s head trauma and better assess recovery over time.

In addition to Neuro Vision, RightEye also offers Essential Vision, a comprehensive category of core vision tests, and Performance Vision, a set of vision tests to help athletes reach maximum performance levels by assessing vision strengths and areas of improvement.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with an innovative health system like Excela Health to introduce RightEye to help more people across the country,” said Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye.

“Excela’s data-driven approach to treating concussions makes it an ideal program to benefit from RightEye’s objective, repeatable and science-based tests.”

In addition to offering RightEye Neuro Vision to concussion patients, Excela Health will soon also offer RightEye Performance Vision as part of the sports evaluation and training services they provide to patients and the local school community.

RightEye is a health technology company using eye tracking and gaming to revolutionize vision performance and health care through an innovative, new kind of vision test.

RightEye helps health care providers assess concussions, eyesight and performance issues in patients by following a science-based, metric-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye generates reports within minutes to give doctors an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a patient’s vision and track the success of remedies such as vision therapy.