Xenocor, a Utah-based medical device company, today announced that the FDA cleared the enhanced version of their Saberscope, the world’s first true HD, fog free, articulating, single-use laparoscope. The Saberscope is designed to improve patient safety and costs and reduce hassles such as fog, smoke and steam, workflow complexity and waste.

“The addition of the auto-focus capability will truly enhance the likelihood of swift adoption in the surgical marketplace. This would especially be true in procedures & specialties that target multiple quadrants of the abdomen due to requirements for refocusing of the image,” said Jarrod Kaufman, a General Surgeon from Brick, New Jersey.

Prior to the Saberscope, all laparoscopic procedures required cumbersome, expensive equipment that introduces unnecessary patient risk, hassles, cost, workflow complexity and waste. The burden on hospitals to clean scopes between uses presents enormous workflow complexity, as well as patient risk. Additionally, the towers represent a massive capital expense and a number of hidden costs, such as frequent and costly scope replacements.

This recent clearance highlights the Saberscope’s critical head start on all other single-use endoscopes by being the first to have true HD and the choice of manual or auto-focus capabilities.

“The Saberscope was already the most feature-rich laparoscope approved by the FDA, so this addition pushes us further ahead in the value that we can deliver to surgeons and hospitals,” said Tony Watson, Chief Operating Officer.

The new Saberscope is a disposable 5mm camera with a 90-degree articulating tip and a low-cost compact reusable Xenobox video processor. This processor works with any HD monitor or existing tower system. Clinicians can recycle the Saberscope after each procedure to reduce patient and staff biohazard risk. The single-use platform ensures a new, highly functional, non-contaminated endoscope for every procedure. The Saberscope is also completely fog free, as demonstrated in initial clinical use, improving patient focus by reducing distractions and workflow complexity.

The Saberscope system is FDA cleared for use in laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery. Xenocor’s devices have been used in over 300 live human cases.

Xenocor is a privately held company that designs, develops, and commercializes medical devices including the Saberscope system. Xenocor has 11 combined issued and pending U.S. and global patents.

Source: Company Press Release