The software is a critical component of the company’s new radiation therapy system, which combines simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radiotherapy delivery.

The integrated ViewRay system is currently available only as a non-human use research system and the company is working to secure FDA clearance for commercial distribution of the system for clinical use.

ViewRay president and CEO Gregory Ayers said FDA clearance of their software represents a significant milestone in the development of the ViewRay system.

"The ViewRay system is being designed to provide continuous soft-tissue MRI during cancer treatment so that clinicians can see precisely where the radiation is being delivered," Ayers said.

ViewRay holds the exclusive worldwide license for its combination of MRI and radiotherapy technologies.

The company recently secured $20m in Series C financing intended to move the ViewRay system through the final development and regulatory processes, and toward the goal of commercialization and placement in major medical centers.