The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510(k) clearance to Masimo's new uSpO2 universal pulse oximetry cable for use with GE Healthcare's patient-worn monitors in ambulatory patient care environments.

The uSpO2 cable is an external pulse oximetry device that incorporates Masimo’s SET pulse oximeter technology to provide accuracy during patient motion and low perfusion.

Independent and objective studies conducted on Masimo SET pulse oximetry have demonstrated its capability in eliminating false alarms as well as increasing clinician’s ability to detect life-threatening events under challenging conditions including patient motion and low peripheral perfusion.

Masimo OEM business and corporate development president Rick Fishel said the company is focused on delivering new technology solutions that allow caregivers to better address the needs of its patients under the most challenging environments.

"We are pleased that GE Healthcare is the first patient monitoring company to combine Masimo’s low power SET technologies in ambulatory patient applications, further enhancing GE’s comprehensive wireless solutions that enable caregivers to work more productively and respond to critical situations faster," Fishel added.

"We believe this new level of functionality in GE’s patient-wearable monitors capitalizes on our technology partnership and reflects our shared corporate visions to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare delivery."