Used in the administration of intravenous (IV) medication therapy for patients, the male luers end of an IV set or syringe when touched may lead to the introduction of bacterial organisms that may increase the patient’s risk of infection.

The new patent-pending Curos Tips when placed on male luers passively bathe the connector’s surface with alcohol and in three minutes disinfect the device and kills the bacterial organisms.

The Curos Tips, which comes in a convenient strip dispenser, places five disinfecting Tips including highly visible bright green Tips that allow auditors to monitor caregiver disinfection practice compliance.

Ivera Medical president Bob Rogers said the approval enables the company to market Curos Tips to healthcare providers seeking affordable tools which standardize and promote safer disinfection practices.

"Despite the known risks, unsafe practices do occur such as ‘looping’ the exposed end of IV tubing to a port on the same line and reusing sterile caps on syringes between medication pushes," Rogers added

"Curos Tips provide a solution that makes it easier for time-strapped clinicians to do the right thing."