Volcano’s Smart Map Pressure Instrument and PrimeWire Pressure Guide Wire are compatible with the majority of hemodynamic monitoring systems, making the benefits of FFR accessible to more clinicians and patients.

Volcano’s SmartMap will provide a pressure reading to GE Healthcare’s Mac-Lab XT and XTi hemodynamic recording systems version 6.8.1, Siemens’ Axiom Sensis XP VC11, McKesson’s Horizon Cardiology Hemo version 12.1, and Mennen’s Horizon XVu Hemodynamic Monitoring System.

With the pressure measurement derived from Volcano’s PrimeWire, hemodynamic monitoring systems have the ability to calculate the FFR gradient and display the FFR measurement on the hemodynamic screen in the cath lab.

Scott Huennekens, president and CEO of Volcano, said: “Utilisation of Volcano’s physiology (functional measurement) products has grown 79% in the last year, driven primarily by the landmark FAME data and recent elevation of the level of evidence for FFR in the ACC/AHA/SCAI PCI Guidelines to Level A.

“The FAME study demonstrated a 34% reduction in death and myocardial infarction (MI), and a more than $2,000 reduction in costs for patients guided by FFR instead of angiography alone. This data has helped us place more than 1,200 FFR-capable consoles in the last 12 months, and further integration with hemodynamic systems will provide physicians and patients with more access to this proven technology.”