Excelsior Medical's SwabFlush has received FDA 510(K) clearance for the Vascular access and infection control markets.

SwabFlush is the only IV catheter flush syringe that provides a disinfection cap for needleless IV connectors, built into the plunger of the syringe.

The all-in-one combination of Swab Cap Excelsior’s ZR pre-filled flush syringe promotes compliance with required protocols for both catheter flushing and disinfection of IV connectors.

SwabFlush allows a nurse who has accessed an IV catheter line in order to deliver medication to the patient to complete the access, and then use the two SwabFlush components (saline flush syringe and SwabCap) to flush the line and cap it.

SwabFlush includes a 10ml flush syringe pre-filled with 3ml, 5ml or 10ml of saline.

SwabCap is a simple twist-on device that disinfects swabable IV connectors (also known as injection ports and luer access valves) between line accesses.

The FDA-cleared device passively disinfects the catheter valve top and threads while providing a physical barrier to contamination.