Featuring patented AccuTip, the new 3.1in catheter system has been developed to treat patients with challenged peripheral vasculature.

Vascular Pathways president and CEO Bill Bold said: "Our new AccuCath 3.1 BC Midline Catheter provides a clinical solution to DIVA (Difficult IV Access) patients whose stay will last 29 days or less and don’t require a central line.

"It’s ergonomic design, increased length, and patented coiled-tip Nitinol guidewire are designed to access vasculature previously considered too deep for traditional IV placement."

The AccuCath 3.1 BC midline catheter incorporates a coiled tip Nitinol guidewire, blood control valve, and needlestick safety features with a 3.1in injectable catheter for use with Uutrasound devices on hard-stick and patients with challenged peripheral vasculature.

The catheter’s design will reduce complication rates, extend dwell times, increase patient satisfaction, and lower overall costs to the provider, according to the company.

Vascular Pathways, which produces AccuCath IV Catheter System line, is supported by CHL Medical Partners, Ascension Health Ventures, and MVM Life Sciences.