The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Toshiba America Medical Systems' (TAMS) Aquilion Prime CT system.

The Aquilion Prime CT system uses double-slice technology and coneXact reconstruction algorithm and generate 160 slices per rotation, thus enhancing MPR and 3D-rendered images.

The high-speed rotation allows rapid data acquisition and shortens scan times and also improves throughput, reducing time required for diagnosis.

The system features an 80-row, 0.5 mm detector, a 7.5 MHU large-capacity tube and 0.35-second scanning.

The system also features a 78 cm aperture gantry, available in a high-end CT system, along with a 660-pound patient-weight-capacity couch for use in emergency scanning or bariatric patient studies.

Toshiba CT Business Unit director Joseph Cooper said the combination of the 0.35 second gantry rotation speed and the reconstruction technology allows many examinations to be performed and reconstructed in mere seconds, improving patient care and overall departmental efficiency.

"That, along with standard patient safety features AIDR and NEMA XR 25 Dose Check Software, facilitates clinicians acquire quality images while attempting to minimize radiation dose as much as possible," Cooper said.