NeuralBot is a robotic assistance system, which holds capacity to automatically adjust orientation and position of its ultrasound products under a healthcare professional’s assistance.

The robotic assistance system, along with Lucid M1 transcranial doppler ultrasound system, enables clinicians to non-invasively monitor a patient’s brain blood flow characteristics and collect data to diagnose different neurological disorders.

Neural Analytics co-founder and chief scientific officer Robert Hamilton said: “Our new technology can assist a healthcare professional- when an expert technician is not available – with the collection of blood flow data to assist clinicians in efficiently triaging patients for appropriate treatment.”

According to the company, the research data showed that there was no statistical difference between ultrasound blood flow data collected with the NeuralBot system or data collected manually by an expert technician with its traditional ultrasound platform.

In the US, the company commercializes the NeuralBot system with its currently available Lucid M1 TCD system as the Lucid robotic system.

The Lucid robotic system will get reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid and most private payers, when used for a transcranial doppler ultrasound procedure for patients suspected of neurological disorder.

Neural Analytics co-founder and CEO Leo Petrossian said: “Our products provide clinicians with a cost effective and non-invasive assessment of a patient’s brain health, and can help clinicians diagnose brain disorders, potentially without the need for more invasive testing.”

Neural Analytics is engaged in the development and commercialization of technologies for the measurement and tracking of brain health.

The firm’s Lucid robotic system, which combines an all-in-one neurovascular ultrasound device, is a robotically assisted ultrasound system for brain health assessment.

Its technology incorporates ultrasound, robotics and machine learning, enabling to provide critical information about brain health to the neurologists.