Abyrx and Unify Surgical have announced partnership to significantly expand the distribution of Abyrx’s hemostatic bone putty products to cardiothoracic surgeries throughout the US.

Abyrx’s hemostatic bone putty products include AHBP, Hemasorb, Hemasorb Apply, and Hemasorb Plus.

Pursuant to the terms of the national distribution partnership agreement, Unify will have leadership responsibility for representing Abyrx’s products in a regional territory and for aggregating additional cardiothoracic distributors throughout the US.

Kairuku Platform will be used by Abyrx and Unify to organize a variable commissioning structure for their affiliate distribution representatives and to track product utilization at the pointof care to ensure accurate and timely reporting of sales and compensation.

Kairuku Platform will be used by Abyrx to seamlessly integrate Unify’s representatives and their affiliate partners into Abyrx’s existing distribution network. Abyrx will maintain responsibility for its own product training and payment of compensation owed to Unify and its affiliate partners.

Abyrx COO David Hart will have primary responsibility for working with Unify to expand Abyrx’s reach into cardiothoracic surgeries and leading Abyrx’s product education initiatives.

Unify principal Harry McDonald said that Abyrx has the most comprehensive product offering in the bone hemostasis marketplace and a very rich and exciting product pipeline.

"Using the Kairuku Platform, we are confident that Unify can help achieve the full market potential for Abyrx’s products in cardiothoracic surgery," McDonald added.

"Kairuku is a game-changing technology that will enable us to aggregate cardiothoracic distributors throughout the United States and connect them to Abyrx and other manufacturers seeking to optimize their access to the point-of-care in ways otherwise not achievable."