The Amicus separator is used to collect platelets, red cells, plasma, and mononuclear cells for therapeutic applications.

Fenwal chief technology officer William Cork said the Amicus separator with DXT Relay software provides their customers with a flexible and affordable solution that supports paperless documentation and strengthens data-driven decision making.

"This Amicus separator with DXT Relay software also improve productivity, while making it easier to maintain regulatory compliance and manage blood inventories according to patient needs and donor qualifications," Cork said.

Fenwal said it has entered into a joint development agreement with Healthcare-ID to develop a system for blood centers to generate collection labels and procedure records for the Amicus separator with DXT Relay software.

Later in 2012, the two companies will also launch a remote procedure set up for the Amicus separator, which will allow for automated programming of the Amicus separator based on donor registration information.