The CGM system is now available in professional version enabling clinicians to gain valuable insights into their patients’ glycemic profiles leading to improved glucose control.

Dexcom claims that the Dexcom G4 system offers real-time, unblinded feedback allowing the patient to experience the full benefits of real-time continuous glucose monitoring.

The professional CGM system also provides the doctor with an opportunity to review glucose data retrospectively with the patient to make therapeutic treatment recommendations.

Clinicians can use the insights obtained from a professional CGM session to adjust therapy and to educate and motivate patients to modify their behavior after viewing the effects that specific foods, exercise, stress, and medications have on their glucose levels.

The Dexcom G4 Platinum system allows physicians to help coach their patients for better outcomes through real-time visibility of dynamic glucose changes as they occur.

Dexcom G4 features a medical practice-owned professional CGM system and sensors. The system can also be customized for personalized glucose targets and alerts. It has an alarm feature that will alert the user if glucose levels rise or fall to dangerous levels.