The muscle activation therapy has been developed for pre and post-operative knee surgery rehabilitation.

The e-vive patient engagement solution is said to empower at-home pre-hab to rehab muscle strengthening for ACL and total knee replacement patients.
CyMedica designed e-vive wireless muscle stimulation device to solve the difficulties associated with muscle atrophy where patients can lose around 60% of their quad strength after knee surgery.

The new e-vive app includes an advanced interface for simplified operation on virtually any smart phone with embedded garment sensor technology, which transmits crucial points directly to a secure cloud based portal.

The providers can track patient progress and patient reported measures on the cloud based portal to deliver more predictable outcomes.

CyMedica co-founder Struan Coleman said: “The e-vive technology captures key data points, such as range of motion, activity levels, pain scores and more. Through e-vive I am able to deliver better outcomes both for my patients and for the hospitals supporting the new economics of quality based care.

CyMedica president and CEO Rob Morocco said: “CyMedica is committed to supporting value-based care by improving the standard of care for ACL and TKA rehabilitation patients.”

Image: CyMedica’s e-vive helps keep patients engaged with their rehab by tracking their progress and allowing data sharing to clinicians. Photo: courtesy of CyMedica Orthopedics /PRNewsFoto.