e-Zassi.com has launched a new enterprise version of its patent pending InnoVision software that allows medical device companies, venture capital firms and research organisations to have a custom branded version available directly from their own web site or intranet.

e-Zassi said that the software is targeted at organisations that seek out new medical technologies from third parties or generate and assess large numbers of new medical device technologies.

The process requires substantial time and financial resources to attract, review, assess and triage these technology opportunities to determine which are most commercially viable and synergistic with their enterprise focus.

The process is further complicated by the necessary exchange of confidential information and the time and effort spent to generate confidentiality agreements.

e-Zassi claimed that the OEM software version solves the problems by giving all industry participants the capability to deploy a secure, non-confidential online technology submission tool in a fraction of the time and cost previously required.

Peter von Dyck, CEO of e-Zassi.com, said: “This new software deployment was driven by market dynamics and the impact that the evolving FDA approval process is having on the increased scrutiny and diligence of potentially innovative and life saving new technologies.

“It also represents a shift that we have identified in the delivery of web-based applications, as organizations move to empower their own websites with increased capabilities.”