The EyeQue Insight combines a binocular viewer, mobile application and cloud-based service to create the world’s first smartphone-powered vision screener. Since its general availability in March of 2018, the Insight has provided the ability to accurately self-test visual acuity (the ability to see 20/20) in about a minute.

The two additional vision tests are now available for all new and existing Insight device owners through the latest myEyeQue VA application.

The EyeQue Insight is an at-home vision solution that allows anyone to test their vision at any time, tracking vision changes over time that can indicate conditions or diseases, prompting a visit to the eye doctor.

The smartphone-connected device is designed to easily and accurately screen eyesight in children, adults and the elderly, bringing affordable personal testing right into the home.

With these new test additions, EyeQue Insight users are able to expand vision monitoring capabilities with three core functions:

Visual Acuity which measures clarity of distance vision. The EyeQue Insight screens vision for 20/20 to 20/400 in about one minute, providing exact measures of single and dual eye performance; it can also test the accuracy of current glasses or contacts, indicating when an updated prescription may be required.

Contrast Sensitivity measures the ability to discern between varying levels of light versus dark. The ability to detect variations of light helps with depth perception and vision focus in low light conditions when colors are less perceptible and/or when objects and their backgrounds are similar.

Those that lack contrast sensitivity may have difficulty driving at night, in the fog or in the snow and can be an indication of more serious vision conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

Color Vision Testing, commonly referred to as a “color blindness test”, is the lack of ability to discern variations in color. While generally not a life-threatening condition, it does impact a person’s daily life, from non-threatening activities like matching clothing or identifying items by color, to more dangerous situations like accurately determining traffic lights and signals while driving. Changes in color vision can also be an indication of a developing health issue.

EyeQue co-founder and CTO Dr John Serri said: “We are thrilled to offer EyeQue users more options for vision testing at home.

“Since its launch, the EyeQue Insight has helped consumers become more invested in their eye health, which is a vastly underserved category in personalized wellness today. These new, intelligent tests empower consumers to actively take part in their overall eye health.”

The rapid adoption of consumer technology has completely changed the way humans interact, with screen time dominating daily life at more than 10 hours per day. From communication to entertainment and even learning, increased screen time can have a damaging effect on a person’s vision.

In fact, a recent study shows that the blue light emitted from electronics can accelerate blindness and lead to macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease affecting more than 10 million Americans.

With consumer-driven tech innovations showing no signs of slowing, consumers need to consider the potential associated health risks and have access to tools that keep them informed. EyeQue is committed to the research and development of devices and technologies that equip consumers with affordable options that allow them to take better control of their eye health.

EyeQue currently offers two intelligent vision solutions with more than 17,000 devices in the hands of consumers.

Source: Company Press Release