Under the agreement, Bio-Rad has gained distribution rights, for research purposes, to the catalog of quantitative multiplexed immunoassays currently available to run on the Bio-Plex 200, Bio-Plex 3D, and Bio-Plex MAGPIX instruments.

Myriad said while studying toxicology, oncology, immunology, and cardiovascular and other diseases, its assays address researchers needs for multiplex testing of samples with very low volumes.

Bio-Rad life science group vice president and group manager Brad Crutchfield said, "Together we are able to provide hundreds of new biomarkers for both human and non-human panels to our Bio-Plex multiplex immunoassay system menu."

Myriad RBM president Craig Benson said, "Our partnership with Bio-Rad will help researchers and clinicians on the front lines of medicine to develop biomarker profiles that may predict, detect, or monitor disease progression in an effort to optimize treatment and improve patient care."