Eyefinity/OfficeMate, a provider of electronic medical records, and NIDEK, a provider in the design, manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic equipment, have partnered to provide an equipment interface between ExamWriter version 9.5 and NIDEK's NAVIS-EX software.

The interface gives eyecare professionals the ability to capture images from NIDEK’s Fundus photography devices and display them in ExamWriter.

The interface allows the images to be transferred to ExamWriter version 9.5 and analyzed for the eyecare professional.

NIDEK’s Navis-EX software acquires images from NIDEK’s Fundus photography devices, including the AFC-230/AFC-210 Non-mydriatic Autofocus Fundus Camera and the F-10 Digital Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope.

Eyefinity/OfficeMate chief professional officer James Kirchner said they are pleased to offer ExamWriter version 9.5 customers this exciting integration with NIDEK and their ophthalmic equipment.

"Giving ExamWriter users the ability to easily examine their captured retinal images and other patient information is a great benefit to both the eyecare provider and the patients they serve," Kirchner said.

NIDEK president Motoki Ozawa said their new partnership with Eyefinity/OfficeMate allows NIDEK to better serve their customers by linking their diagnostic products with Eyefinity/OfficeMate’s EHR solutions.

"The seamless connection between our NAVIS-EX platform and ExamWriter will greatly increase practice efficiencies," Ozawa said.