ExecuScribe, a medical transcription services provider and BayScribe, the virtual dictation and transcription technology platform, have entered into a business partnership. Through the partnership, ExecuScribe customers receive dictation technology, physician documentation capture options and an easy migration path to EHR-based template reporting.

By implementing the BayScribe platform, ExecuScribe customers are expected to reduce system costs and eliminate the need for technology support for dictation devices.

The BayScribe dictation technology platform offers mobility, flexibility and a practical bridge to EHR adoption including the ability for physicians to dictate on mobile devices. Physician feedback regarding the use of iPhones, Blackberries and Windows Mobile Devices in conjunction with the BayScribe platform is said to be favorable.

Steven Bonney, vice president of business development at BayScribe, said: “Physicians don’t instantly transition from dictating everything to typing, pointing and clicking in the EHR, as evidenced by the EHR adoption rates. Instead, moving physicians into template-based documentation should be a slow, well-planned migration process focused on the physician’s experience and natural workflow.”

Linda Yaniszewski, president of ExecuScribe, said: “We are committed to finding and deploying technology tools that make it easier for our customers to support their physicians while also moving forward into EHR environments.

“Whether hospitals utilize their own, internal transcription staff, completely outsource to ExecuScribe, or use a blended services approach, we are committed to helping them continually measure and improve their clinical documentation capabilities.”