SwabCap disinfection cap line of products include SwabFlush, a saline flush syringe that offers a SwabCap disinfection cap built into the syringe plunger.

HealthTrust Purchasing Group sourcing VP Fred Keller said the contract will provide products access to its member clinicians, resulting in enhanced safety and better patient care.

"We believe the combination of these two Excelsior product lines under this agreement optimizes performance with the care and maintenance of needleless connectors," Keller added.

Excelsior Medical president and CEO Steve Thornton said, "This agreement will continue to benefit the many health care facilities that are members of the HealthTrust group purchasing organization."

HealthTrust serves 1,400 acute care facilities, 800 surgery centers and members in more than 10,600 other locations including ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices and alternate care sites.