Catheters made using the patent-pending NEU View technology provide optical visibility (translucent) when outside the body and superior visibility under X-ray (radiopaque) when inside the body. This solution provides significant advantages when compared with existing striped radiopaque catheters, which offer less X-ray visibility and may require multiple manufacturing steps and materials to produce.

This technology enhances the ability of clinicians to make visual confirmation of fluid flow and can allow for detection of potentially harmful air bubbles that might cause embolisms, while patients can experience greater comfort via use of a single catheter.

Manufacturers of catheters can benefit through increased production efficiency by eliminating a need for co-extrusion, which is typically required to manufacture striped catheters, as well as reducing material usage and complexity.

PolyOne Global Specialty Engineered Materials president Craig Nikrant noted the company continues to innovate and develop technologies that benefit our global customers and enable healthcare professionals to improve performance.

"Catheter manufacturers can now offer a commercially viable product that provides excellent visibility, both optically and under X-ray, enabling performance improvements and efficiencies in the healthcare field," Nikrant added.