Excelitas Technologies has launched a new model in the Aculed Family of chip-on-board LED packages for medical OEM applications.

The new Aculed model contains 4 separately addressable LED chips to provide balanced combination of tunable color temperatures (CCT) from 3500o to 5500oK, Color Rendering Index (CRI), R9 value and light output (luminous flux) needed for dental operatory lights and surgical examinations.

Aculed platform provides additional benefits including heat transfer from the chips to substrate and heat sink, and compact design with chips that are closely spaced, allowing for improved color mixing and compact optics.

Excelitas also offers a 4-chip COB package (ACULED Model R3C6) that comes with warm-white, cool-white, red and cyan LED dice as well as various design-your-own (DYO) chip combinations.

The company said the new ACULED Model R3C6 for medical applications will be demonstrated at the 67th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) from 17- 20 April 2012 in Shenzhen, China.