Exact Imaging has introduced its ExactVu high-resolution micro-ultrasound platform for prostate imaging and biopsy.

The new platform was introduced at the AUA (American Urological Association) 2015 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, the largest annual gathering of urologists with over 16,000 professionals in attendance.

"There is a real need for improved and cost-effective imaging tools that could be used by urologists during their regular workflow and in their offices to better visualize suspicious regions in real-time and to better target their prostate biopsies," says Randy AuCoin, Exact Imaging’s President.

"Today we are introducing ExactVu, our novel micro-ultrasound platform that will enable a new paradigm in resolution – – 300% improved compared to conventional ultrasound and with comparable resolution to MRI – – so that urologists will be able to clearly visualize and target suspicious regions for biopsy, in addition to performing systematic biopsy protocols. This is a true breakthrough technology in ultrasound and in achievable resolution with the goal being better imaging, real-time ultrasound-guided targeting of biopsies, and most important, improved patient outcomes".

In addition to enabling 29 MHz micro-ultrasound imaging for transrectal targeted and systematic biopsies, ExactVu will also support conventional probes and frequencies for routine imaging applications such as trans-abdominal and other urological procedures.

"ExactVu will provide the urologist with the most powerful micro-ultrasound platform for new visualization and targeting capabilities, while also providing a single in-office platform to address all of their routine urological imaging procedures," says AuCoin.

"Rather than looking to other complex and costly modalities or other approaches to compensate for insufficient resolution, we have rather created a much better ultrasound platform. We believe ExactVu will enable urologists to achieve new improvements in clinical care and clinical outcomes".