The company claims that the enhanced DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 offers clinicians the most advanced handheld ultrasound for use by clinicians of all skill levels.

Featuring wireless connectivity, DeepVu system is said to be capable of providing clear, anatomically accurate, live bedside imaging in an active, simple, cart-free device.

According to its maker, ultrasound can be released for inspecting tissue by clinicians anywhere within the facility as well as by medical experts remotely operating in any other location in the world using the DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 platform.

Evena Medical CEO Frank Ball said: “The DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 system offers medical professionals an advanced mobile and wearable ultrasound option for adult primary care, pediatrics, emergency medical care and other medical specialties."

Through its wireless connectivity, images can be seen on tablet PCs, iPads, and other displays. They can also be seen hands-free on the wearable Evena’s Eyes-On Clinical Glasses which have an augmented reality platform for detailed viewing.

Ball said: “With Evena’s Eyes-On Glasses, clinicians can visualize veins, organs and other tissue deep beneath the skin with superior, real-time imaging in front of their eyes with simple, hands-free operation.”

From its predecessors, version 4.0 of DeepVu Ultrasound is said to weigh lighter and comes with an optimized pocket-sized transducer while having a simple one-button operation.

Ball further added that Evena’s wearable ultrasound and augmented reality platform enables doctors, nurses and medica to quickly assess important patient imagery virtually anywhere without having advanced medical care at the place.

The device can be connected through WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE for checking real-time patient data, irrespective of the place the wearer is in.