Environmental Tectonics Corporation's (ETC) Sterilization Systems Group (SSG) has awarded a new contract for multiple large Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Sterilization Systems to a major multi-national corporation. The contract calls for three industrial EtO Systems, material handling systems, emissions control systems and validation consulting work. The contract value exceeds $3.5m.

ETC claimed that the EtO Sterilization is the common method used to sterilize medical devices. ETC claimed that its EtO Sterilization Systems are advanced in the world for large medical device manufacturers. The company has invested heavily in technologies to improve efficacy, economy and reliability.

ETC’s SSG offers steam and Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Systems, Professional Services, Consulting and Software Systems to the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science industries.

David Mitchell, business unit manager of ETC Sterilization Systems, said: “ETC was selected for this project largely due to our unique and pioneering designs, from our Pro-Genesis Advantage SCADA control system, the most advanced of its kind in the industry, to our air-heated/cooled chamber jacketing. ETC is a technology-based company. Innovative energy-efficient solutions tailored to customer requirements provide ETC with a competitive edge.”