ETC said that the FDA clearance allows the use of the stand alone computer hyperbaric oxygen control system OSCAR as an ancillary device to operate, control and record whole-body hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments.

The OSCAR consists of a proprietary software system included in each of Bara-Med computerised monoplace chambers, which allows hyperbaric technicians to program, manage, and reproduce the HBOT protocol with the same accuracy of the first treatment.

ETC Biomedical is a manufacturer of computerised monoplace hyperbaric chambers and its core technologies include the design, manufacture and sale of Training Services (TSG) and Control Systems (CSG).

The product categories included in TSG are Aircrew Training Systems (ATS) and flight simulators, disaster management systems and entertainment applications. CSG includes sterilizers, environmental control devices and hyperbaric chambers along with parts and service support.