Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC), a designer and developer of software driven products and services used to recreate and monitor the physiological effects of motion on humans and equipment, said its BioMedical Division announced the sale of two BARA-MED XD Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers for placement at St. Luke´s Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Bob Toth, coordinator of St. Luke’s hyperbaric program stated, “We have had a Hyperbaric Department here for more than 35 years and were in the market for a new chamber. After a recent tour of ETC to see the chamber and its capabilities first hand, we decided it was just what we needed. The operating system is great, and the Smooth-Ride™ pressure-change technology has been very well received by our patients.”

Bob Salmons, NE regional manager of ETC´s BioMedical Division, commented, “I believe this recent placement is a continued affirmation of the Company’s design and production capability. Sales of our BARA-MED® XD chambers have increased dramatically in the past year and we look forward to the future.”