After an extensive search for a Stage 2 Certified EHR with a clinical focus in the post-acute and long term care arena, Essex Inpatient Physicians has selected gEHRiMed as their EHR of choice.

Physician founded and managed, Essex Inpatient Physicians focuses on providing acute care and post-acute care services to hospitals, specialty hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities in the northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire regions.

Dr. James D. Tollman, CEO of Essex Inpatient Physicians said, "We conducted a widespread search for the right system for our growing practice and we found that gEHRiMed would be the best fit for our model and the vision we all share as a team, which is to be a leading innovator of quality healthcare delivery to patients in the communities we serve.

"gEHRiMed is very intuitive and user friendly and the implementation of gEHRiMed has been going extremely well. Our entire team of providers and support staff is looking forward to going live on June 1, 2015."

gEHRiMed is a 2014 certified cloud based Electronic Health Record system designed by long term care practitioners for long term care practitioners. gEHRiMed is the leading electronic health record solution engineered to meet the specific needs of providers serving in long-term care facilities.

Long-term care providers face the same challenges as office-based clinicians but without the support of an administrative staff. The easy-to-use interface and intuitive design is used by long term care practitioners and practices throughout the country to help increase their productivity, grow their practices, and maintain regulatory compliance.

The choice of the gEHRiMed EHR solution will help Essex Inpatient Physicians focus on delivering the highest value to its clinical community via a cloud based, cross platform, solution. gEHRiMed blends the efficiency of professional record keeping software with the functionality of the iPad; the result is an application that maximizes productivity and improves the workflow unique to long-term care.