eProtex, a subsidiary of Ascension Health and a data security company specializing in the hidden risks of connected devices, has agreed to provide medical device security for InnoPNT, a Korea-based provider of medical IT solutions.

Known as IPNT in the global market, the company will employ eProtex solutions in its Korean market as it lays the groundwork for a global expansion.

InnoPNT provides real-time patient location and patient care systems using RFID technology, as well as EMR interface, document and image management solutions.

In 2008, the company opened an office in San Jose, California to serve the US healthcare market.

InnoPNT CEO Kyong Won Lee said as they refine their product offerings, eProtex provides a critical security link between the company and clients’ networks.

eProtex was launched in 2009 as an answer to the hidden (and easily-missed) data security risks of network medical devices. Since its inception a year ago, its solutions are being adopted by nearly 100 hospitals throughout the US.