Ascension Orthopedics said that the PyroTitan, implanted at BMI – The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Cheshire, offers a conservative, bone-sparing option for patients in need of shoulder joint replacement.

PyroTitan is available in 12 sizes, which are based on published anthropomorphic data of over 300 human humeri to provide an improved anatomic fit.

PyroCarbon offers the potential to reduce pain caused by traditional metal implants wear as well as the chance to extend the longevity of the hemiarthroplasty joint replacement.

Ascension Orthopedics president and CEO Guy Mayer said that they are excited to expand the use of the PyroTitan into other countries and offering a material with potential to preserve the glenoid makes shoulder resurfacing an option for younger patients who previously may not have been considered for shoulder arthroplasty.

“We encourage surgeons to learn more about the PyroTitan and our latest shoulder line additions at the Titan Modular Shoulder System launch on September 5 at the International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in Edinburgh, Scotland,” Mayer said.