Epigenomics, the German-American cancer molecular diagnostics company, and VSA ALTA COMPLEJIDAD (VSA), an Argentinean pharmaceutical and blood diagnostics company announced that VSA has received approval to market the Epigenomics Epi proColon kit for the blood-based detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) in Argentina.

Since 2013, Epigenomics and VSA worked together, performing extensive pre-approval work to meet the requirements of ANMAT, the diagnostic testing regulatory control body of Argentina.

VSA has already secured relationships with leading diagnostic reference laboratories in the country in order to make the assay available in Argentina starting during the "Colon Cancer Awareness Month" in March.

The intention of this internationally implemented campaign is to increase the awareness of colorectal cancer risks and to convince people to prevent the disease by participating in CRC screening programs. The Epi proColon blood test will allow patients greater access to CRC screening in the country.

Noel Doheny, CEO of Epigenomics’ US subsidiary, commented: "We are extremely pleased about the regulatory approval to market Epi proColon in Argentina. This makes Argentina the first country outside Europe to have granted approval for our test. Given VSA’s significant diagnostic testing skill set, combined with a keen focus on the colorectal cancer space, we believe VSA is an ideal partner for Epigenomics and we thank VSA for their significant efforts to achieve this regulatory milestone."

"The Epigenomics assay enables VSA to extend its market leading efforts to improve access to colorectal cancer screening and reduce the colorectal cancer burden in Argentina," said Luis Israel, CEO of VSA, "Due to late detection, mortality rates from colorectal cancer are still among the highest for males and females in our country, so we have made the launch and roll-out of the blood based assay a priority."