ENTrigue Surgical, a designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical devices used for ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgical procedures, has reported the first clinical experience with its Ventera sinus dilation systems.

The Ventera sinus dilation systems include a single-use balloon delivered by one of several reusable instruments utilising ENTrigue’s proprietary SerpENT articulating technology and does not require the use of a guide wire or cannula for delivering the balloon into various sinuses.

ENTrigue is in an early-launch phase with the Ventera systems in Canada and plans to launch the systems to various European markets over the next few months. It is not presently available for sale in the US.

ENTrigue Surgical will launch its Synaero hemostatic gel at the American Academy of Otolaryngology Annual Symposium and Exhibition (AAO Meeting) in Boston, Massachusetts.

St Paul’s Sinus Center, Vancouver, director and rhinologist Amin Javer said that the Ventera systems offer an elegant and intuitive approach to sinus dilation and he was excited about the potential the systems offer as minimally invasive tools for managing sinus disease.