Medical technology firm Entellus Medical has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of new MiniFESS instruments and FocESS sinuscopes.

The MiniFESS family of products include eight steel surgical instruments, which were developed to enable procedures from turbinate reductions to anterior ethmoidectomies to be carried out in the ENT physician office rather than in the operating room.

The new instruments are claimed to reduce risk and time compared against traditional operating room procedure using general anesthesia.

Entellus Medical president and CEO Robert White said: "We are committed to bringing technologies to the ENT market that offer the opportunity to transform the patient and physician experience.

"We believe that the MiniFESS and FocESS product lines, along with our recently announced exclusive distribution of Fiagon Image Guidance Technology, will continue to enable, enhance and expand the number of patients that ENT physicians can treat in the office using our technologies."

The FocESS sinuscope line comprises three scopes with zero, 30 and 45 degree viewing angles.

With around 30mm field of view, the new FocESS sinuscopes have been designed for ENT physicians to carry out office procedures. The new line is 3mm in diameter and 150mm in length.

ENT physicians will use the firm’s XprESS family of products to open narrowed or obstructed sinus drainage pathways using balloon sinus dilation.

In August this year, Entellus Medical partnered with another medical technology firm Fiagon to distribute its Image Guidance Systems (IGS) for ENT offices and ENT ambulatory surgery centers across the US.

Entellus Medical develops and markets products for the minimally invasive treatment of chronic and recurrent sinusitis patients in the physician office setting or operating room.

The firm’s products are available in the US, Canada and European countries such as the UK and others.