The EndoscopyNow application is specialty-agnostic and strives to bring all types of news, clinical data, product information and procedural insights to physicians, nurses, technologists and allied professionals with interests in gastrointestinal diseases.

Much like general video conferencing services, EndoscopyNow includes a Virtual Training forum, whereby popular and newly released technical training is offered by industry sponsors to the GI endoscopy community. Web events are recorded and available for on-demand playback for subscriber convenience.

Leading physician/surgeon experts from around the world share best practices with their colleagues via brief (3-5 minute) modules. Topics may include new procedure techniques, updates on clinical studies, perspectives on disease management and more.

Hot Topics is a particularly interesting feature where our clinical advisory board, led by Dr. Srinadh Komanduri, gastroenterologist and member of the American Foregut Society, identifies and selects prominent areas of focus among their colleagues, such as artificial intelligence, duodenoscope infections, metabolic endoscopy and more.

“The richness of the resources on EndoscopyNow is something that makes us very proud. We are aggregating intelligence from PubMed and news services, providing a forum (what we call MedTech-U) for comprehensive product/service knowledge offered by industry and hosting newly created video and instructional assets from clinical experts,” offers Madhu Kolavennu, EndoscopyNow CEO.

“When a subscriber queries EndoscopyNow and search results are presented on something related to our clinical offerings, the program also serves up related content, such as our educational videos, product manuals or clinical resources. It’s very convenient for the subscriber to find exactly what (s)he wants quickly and easily with minimal clicks,” states Giovanni di Napoli, Vice President and General Manager GIH, Gastrointestinal and Hepatology at Medtronic.

“EndoscopyNow is being well-received by GI endoscopists from around the world, giving us an effective and well-organized platform to integrate our broad range of endoscopy products and techniques in a meaningful way. Whether interested in Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) or Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR), a subscriber can seamlessly toggle between the latest clinical data and our complementary virtual training, case studies or product information,” explained Art Butcher, President, Endoscopy, Boston Scientific.

All newsfeed posted and curated content is specialty-agnostic, providing resources to both gastrointestinal surgeons and gastroenterologists. “I believe EndoscopyNow is a refreshing change, in terms of aggregated intelligence in support of the total GI endoscopy community, mirroring our mission at the American Foregut Society to ‘advocate personalized treatment strategies for patients with foregut disease through a collaborative partnership across disciplines,'” says founder and foregut surgeon, John C. Lipham, M.D., President, American Foregut Society.

EndoscopyNow is free to subscribers and financially supported through industry sponsorship. The application is available for all mobile device platforms and can be accessed through Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Source: Company Press Release.