Covering SerosaFuse fastener and 'over the wire' delivery system

EndoGastric Solutions (EGS) has reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a key patent covering its SerosaFuse fastener and ‘over the wire’ delivery system.

The company claimed that Patent no. 7,632,287, entitled ‘Tissue fixation devices and assemblies for deploying the same,’ was issued on December 15, 2009. The invention describes a slotted fastener that enables deployment over a stylet.

The patent encompasses both an H-shaped fastener and a delivery method. The fastener features a tapered leading leg with an elongated slot and a trailing leg connected together by a measured length of polypropylene material. The leading leg of the fastener slides over the stylet shaft that transects the tissue plication.

The fastener passes through both tissue layers until the fastener’s trailing leg makes contact with the tissue surface, stressing the connecting member and releasing the leading fastener leg from the stylet shaft. The stylet shaft is then retracted, allowing the trailing leg to rotate and anchor the tissue plication.

Thierry Thaure, president and CEO of EndoGastric Solutions, said: “We are pleased that the US Patent Office recognizes the uniqueness and applicability of the SerosaFuse fastener. The design allows our devices to be used transorally, without incisions, and permits multiple fastener deployment with a single device insertion, minimizing patient risk, discomfort and recovery time.

“The fastener and delivery mechanism are core components of the EndoGastric Solutions platform, which will continue to spawn a range of innovative products for Natural Orifice Surgery (NOS).”