Under the acquisition, Full Spectrum Endoscope, a portfolio product of Peer Medical which is now merged with EndoChoice, will be manufactured at RMS’s endoscope manufacturing facility, claims EndoChoice.

RMS Endoskopie-Technik president Stephan Wieth said the company agreed to be a part of EndoChoice, as it shares the same commitment to customer satisfaction.

"We are very proud and pleased to join with EndoChoice, which is one of the fastest growing medtech companies in the world," Wieth added.

"RMS brings excellence in precision engineering and manufacturing, and EndoChoice understands executing on commercialization strategies, so this is a perfect match-up of skill and talent."

EndoChoice founder and CEO Mark Gilreath said, "This strategic acquisition supports EndoChoice’s platform approach and strongly positions EndoChoice for continued success."

Full Spectrum Endoscope, which provides up to a 330 degree view during endoscopy and colonoscopy thus enabling gastroenterologists to detect more cancerous polyps and abnormal lesions, is not yet available for sale although it has received a CE mark, ISO 13475 certification and FDA 510(k) clearance.