The product, which the company claims, is the first and only reposable device, comprises disposable tips and a more ergonomic reusable handle that helps surgeon to lock the device into position while performing long, complex surgical procedures.

Using direct thermal energy, the device simultaneously seals and divides soft tissue, minimizes fatigue and improves the experience for surgeons.

MiSeal is also powered by a compact, three-pound, reusable power source, Universal Power Supply (UPS), that offers ease of set-up and reduces procedure and clean-up time.

Microline Surgical executive chairman Jean-Luc Boulnois said laparoscopic surgeons require technologies that can meet the demands faced in the OR and while performing more complex procedures.

"We’ve redesigned MiSeal to provide the same functionality valued by our customers delivered in a way that addresses their changing needs," Boulnois added.

The company said the product will be showcased at the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) 2013 Scientific Session & Postgraduate Course in Baltimore, until 20 April 2013.