"The new C38s slim colonoscope drives and performs like a traditional colonoscope with all of the benefits of a slim diameter," said Dr. Steven Morris, CEO of Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates. "The larger channel means I don’t sacrifice functionality when I use a slimmer scope. This is a real breakthrough."

A recent study published in March 2014 in The Lancet Oncology demonstrated the panoramic 330 degree field of view provided by the Fuse technology enabled physicians to detect significantly more adenomas in comparison with traditional forward-viewing colonoscopes.

The ability to detect more adenomas during colonoscopy has the potential to reduce healthcare costs while also minimizing patient anxiety over concerns pre-cancerous lesions are being missed.

"At EndoChoice, our mission is to serve the GI caregiver through insight and innovation," said Mark Gilreath, Founder and CEO at EndoChoice, Full Spectrum Endoscopy. "The C38s slim colonoscope is yet another example of how EndoChoice is partnering with physicians to advance their practices."

Based in Atlanta GA, EndoChoice is a medtech company focused on the manufacturing and commercialization of platform technologies including devices, diagnostics, infection control and endoscopic imaging for specialists treating a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases.