"Launching EndoShield 2 is a significant milestone for Encision," said Greg Trudel, President and CEO.

"Like Encision’s initial AEM EndoShield® Burn Protection System device, the new EndoShield 2 system safeguards patients and hospitals from the potentially tragic outcomes and complications of stray monopolar energy burns during standard laparoscopic surgical procedures.

Our customers loved the patient safety, ease of use and convenience of AEM EndoShield but needed a more economical solution.

"Our marketing and engineering teams collaborated closely with our customers to establish a number of winning solutions and quickly got to work on a "reposable" solution that provides significant savings per procedure, reduces waste and the burden on the environment, and provides the advanced level of AEM® patient safety that enables our customers to distinguish themselves from other healthcare institutions.

The quick iteration time between AEM EndoShield® and EndoShield 2 showed our commitment to our customers’ needs and the nimbleness of Encision’s research, development and operational capabilities."

"The new EndoShield 2 can be used for a number of surgical procedures without reprocessing, it reduces the price per use significantly, and it eliminates a significant barrier to adoption. The reposable design provides greater flexibility than ever for hospitals to perform laparoscopic procedures in any open operating room without the need to move expensive capital from room to room.

"The plug and play architecture of EndoShield 2 enables any standard electrosurgical generator to easily provide advanced levels of patient safety in laparoscopy with Encision’s Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM®) Technology. The ease of use of EndoShield 2 is absolutely intuitive.

"EndoShield 2 will be the cornerstone for Encision’s growth going forward. The low cost reposable design is exactly what our customers have been asking for and what will enable Encision to bring AEM® Technology to new markets worldwide.

"New products in our development pipeline will leverage from EndoShield 2’s design and capabilities to further accelerate the adoption of advanced AEM monopolar energy and to save patients and healthcare providers from the tragic outcomes of stray energy burns. We are excited to bring this technological advancement to fruition and to take AEM® Technology one step closer to becoming the standard of care for patient safety in laparoscopy."

Encision Inc. designs and markets a portfolio of high performance surgical instrumentation that delivers advances in patient safety with AEM technology, surgical performance, and value to hospitals across a broad range of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Based in Boulder, CO, the company pioneered the development and deployment of Active Electrode Monitoring, AEM technology, to eliminate dangerous stray energy burns during minimally invasive procedures.