Ellipse Technologies has received CE mark approval for the Precice Limb Lengthening device, an intramedullary rod which provides physicians with a new method of treating a number of medical conditions.

The device treated medical conditions include shortened legs due to congenital abnormalities, major fractures of one of the legs and shortened leg bones due to other medical diseases, such as cancer.

The Ellipse device uses the Precice Remote Control Technology, an internal implant adjusted to lengthen the leg bones via non-invasive methods from outside the body instead of adjustable external fixation systems which are attached to the leg bone through long-term openings in the skin.

Ellipse and its scientific advisors believe that the Precice devices will not only provide a less-invasive approach to the procedures but also reduce the potential for complications during the healing period.

University of California Irvine professor of Orthopedic Surgery Stuart Green said the Precice Technology will make it possible to use externally controllable implants for patients who require bone lengthening and in the future, this technology will likely be adapted to many other orthopedic application.