Ellipse Technologies, a developer of remote control technology platforms, has implanted its Precice limb lengthening device in the US.

Ellipse said limb lengthening device procedures are used to treat restoration of length to limbs shortened by congenital abnormalities, major fractures, and shortening due to radical cancer surgery.

The Precice device utilizes the company’s Precice remote control technology and provides an internal implant adjusted to lengthen bones via non-invasive methods from outside the body.

Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute director Dror Paley said the FDA cleared Precice offers prescribed rate controlled limb lengthening and has the ability to reverse direction.

Ellipse CEO Ed Roschak said with the positive initial outcome of these first patients, they look forward to a full US and international launch of the Precice remote control limb lengthening system in 2012.