Elitra patients receive a complete full body checkup during a single visit and leave with an extensive medical report in-hand. Conveniently located in the heart of Lower Manhattan, Elitra Health presents the unparalleled integration of top medical expertise within a luxury spa-like environment for the ultimate in preventative healthcare.

Typically lasting between four and six hours, The Elitra Exam is tailored to each individual's needs and consists of extensive screenings, advanced blood work, onsite cardiac imaging and calcium scoring, full body scans, ultrasound, x-rays, mammography and more.

In addition, patients meet with an exercise physiologist for a stress test and full body core strength and agility assessment, a nutritionist for a full nutritional and lifestyle analysis, a massage therapist, nurses for immunization review and vaccinations and – most importantly – an expert physician for a head-to-toe comprehensive physical exam with unrestricted one-on-one time and for a full review, same-day, of all test results.

Elitra Health also provides full coordination of any follow-up care needed, utilizing a strategic alliance with Mount Sinai Hospital. The alliance enables Elitra patients to get priority scheduling and access to Mount Sinai's top specialists in the event that follow-up care is needed following the exam.

"Elitra Health's forward-thinking approach to the patient-doctor relationship and personal health affords individuals a far more thorough assessment of their health and well-being than what's readily available anywhere else," said Dr. Martin Cukier, Chief Executive Officer of Elitra Health and its sister company, Affiliated Physicians.

"The Elitra Exam is a proactive initiative that identifies problems before they manifest and caters to a clientele who place their health, time and comfort at a premium."

For more than 30 years, the founders of Elitra Health have empowered over 200,000 patients to take control of their health through early detection of chronic illness and disease.

Elitra Health's Medical Director is Avram Nemetz, MD, who – along with his expert team – pioneered and redefined the preventative medical industry and has positively affected the lives of countless patients and their families by helping them take control of their health through early detection of chronic illness and disease.

Dr. Nemetz graduated from Cornell University and earned his Medical Doctorate degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.