E-Care, a subsidiary of AmbiCom, has entered into an agreement to distribute Soladey International's solar toothbrushes and refills in North America.

The Soladey solar toothbrushes contains a titanium (metal) ionic conducting rod, which runs through the replaceable bristle head and the handle.

The rod is made of patented solar conducting material which allows light, by photoelectric activity to be converted into a natural energy source that kills the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

AmbiCom chairman John Hwang said because the Soladey toothbrushes do not require the use of toothpaste they can be used anywhere at any time.

"Research has shown that this ionic toothbrush is more effective for plaque removal than an ordinary toothbrush and the ionic action in the saliva is naturally antibacterial and continues even after brushing," Hwang added.

The company said the Soladey J3X is a new model of solar toothbrush that uses the same semiconductor technology and principles as the original Soladey eco, but with the added efficiency of an integrated solar panel.