Elekta has launched ABAS (Atlas-based Autosegmentation) 2.0 software, which includes the Simultaneous Truth and Performance Level Estimation (STAPLE) algorithm to increase contouring accuracy.

ABAS, considered as the standard for autosegmentation accuracy, deforms atlases of anatomy previously defined on a reference image onto a new patient image, creating a new structure set fit to the patient anatomy and enhancing planning efficiency, Elekta said.

ABAS product manager Randy Larson said that the STAPLE algorithm allows multiple atlases to be calculated against a single patient and the benefit is increased accuracy because the user is achieving the best result for each contour based on multiple sources.

“ABAS 2.0 also uses a graphics processor unit [GPU], which increases contouring speed by up to 50 percent. In addition, this release includes an improved user interface featuring new tools and functionality, as well as full DICOM service, to enhance workflow and file maintenance,” Larson said.

ABAS, with its deformable registration algorithms, saves physician and dosimetrist time by automatically contouring new image sets based on anatomy defined in the atlas.