RMI’s integrated software solutions have been developed in cooperation with academic institutions to improve treatment accuracy for cancer in the prostate, breast, liver, cervix, uterus, bladder as well as head and neck.

RMI’s current products will continue to operate with linear accelerators from all manufacturers and provide enhanced image guidance for soft tissue targets, especially in the breast and pelvic area, without additional x-ray dose or using invasive implanted markers. They can add high quality Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) to the thousands of linacs in use currently that do not have integrated imaging systems, while the soft tissue detail is also highly complementary to linacs already equipped with cone beam CT or MV (portal) imaging.

In addition, RMI will provide useful additions to Elekta’s MOSAIQ treatment planning solutions by displaying soft tissue structures, not easily seen on X-ray computed tomography but in exact spatial correlation with these CT images, and offering a suite of automatic segmentation and contouring tools.

Tony Falco, CEO of RMI, said: “These are exciting times. RMI provides solutions compatible with all vendors’ simulators and linear accelerators and together with Elekta’s world-wide customer network it provides us for the first time with the ability to improve clinical standards on a global basis.

“In addition, being fully integrated with a leading clinical solutions provider like Elekta makes it possible for us to deliver truly unique integrated clinical solutions in the future, all of which is important in improving patient care.”

Tomas Puusepp, president and CEO of Elekta, said: “This is really exciting, as it further enhances Elekta’s solutions in IGRT, by adding RMI’s leadership in soft tissue visualization and tracking, especially focused on innovative solutions for breast and prostate cancer.

“In addition, given Elekta’s dedication to open architecture, the technology will be made available to customers with other vendors’ equipment, making it possible to improve IGRT processes everywhere.”

RMI develops systems for image guided radiation therapy of soft tissues using latest generation, 3-D ultrasound technology.