Elekta, a Sweden-based medical technology company, has received CE Mark for its Clarity 4D Monitoring system.

4D monitoring offers continuous tracking of the prostate and imaging of the surrounding anatomy, including the bladder, rectum and penile bulb.

Clarity 4D Monitoring uses autoscan acquisition technology, through which it acquires live transperineal ultrasound images of soft tissue anatomy.

It also minimizes the chance of side effects of treatment such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence or rectal bleeding

Following this approval, all the European clinics can now avail this new way of minimizing the uncertainty caused by prostate motion during radiation treatment.

It will allow physicians to oversee the motion of the prostate with sub millimeter accuracy during the delivery of therapeutic radiation beams. This is important for clinicians pursuing advanced prostate protocols, such as reduced margin hypofractionated therapy or advanced stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR).

Elekta operates under three divisions, namely, Elekta Neuroscience; Elekta Oncology; and Elekta Software.

The company’s products are used in treating cancer with radio therapy and in diagnosing and treating brain disorders in more than 5,000 hospitals worldwide.