Through the partnership, MD Revolution will offer Electronic Caregiver's Pro Health, a 24/7 chronic care and monitoring system, as its preferred remote patient monitoring device

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Electronic Caregiver and MD Revolution have collaborated to monitor patients remotely in midst of COVID-19 pandemic. (Credit: PRNewswire / Electronic Caregiver)

Remote Patient Monitoring has become a vital tool in the fight to reduce the spread and impact of COVID-19, helping patients get the care they need from home and protecting those who are most vulnerable to the virus.

Meeting the growing need for virtual healthcare solutions, Electronic Caregiver┬«, a health technology company, has partnered with MD Revolution, Inc. to provide health practices with the technology and services to monitor patients outside of the doctor’s four walls.

“MD Revolution, an innovative Care Management company, shares our values and vision in terms of leveraging technology and care coordination to really improve outcomes,” Electronic Caregiver┬« Chief Clinical Officer Tim Washburn said. “I think, together, it’s going to be exciting to see two companies with a shared mission and vision around improved patient outcomes and improved sustainability for providers join forces.”

Through the partnership, MD Revolution will offer Electronic Caregiver’s Pro Health, a 24/7 chronic care and monitoring system, as its preferred remote patient monitoring device. The Pro Health includes a cellular-based console for the home and wearable wrist pendant for care support on the go. The console can be paired with several Bluetooth devices, such as a glucometer, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, spirometer, weight scale and non-contact thermometer, to track vitals.

The Pro Health also provides emergency response, medication reminders and will allow direct connection by phone with the MD Revolution clinical support team.

“We wanted something that would be very easy to use and be able to become a part of the patient’s daily life, and so the Pro Health device really checked off all of those boxes, as well as some we had not even considered,” said Michael Moore, Vice President of Product Management at MD Revolution.

The Pro Health will be integrated into MD Revolution’s HIPAA-compliant digital care management platform, called RevUp, where patient information can be securely shared with a licensed care coordination team working as an extension of the provider practice. The monitoring of this information and clinical support combine to provide a complete solution for medical providers to offer Remote Patient Monitoring that meets the requirements of Medicare and other payers.

“Remote Patient Monitoring is not just about devices and data,” Moore said. “It’s also about patient engagement, and combining Pro Health with our RevUp platform will mean more engagement from the patients and more sustained participation in the services.”

With the Pro Health, MD Revolution will be able to connect with patients and monitor their vital signs at any time, Washburn said.

“The patient will take their vitals and MD Revolution will get the information from the patient, and their team will then have actionable, real-time data to drive their interactions with that patient in terms of overall chronic illness management and wellness maintenance,” he said.

Electronic Caregiver’s technology and MD Revolution’s RevUp platform, which includes a COVID-19 screening assessment, also gives physicians and patients an added sense of security during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In these uncertain times, it is a comfort to know that we have the support of (MD Revolution’s) team to work with our patients,” said Mary Edwards, manager of Lake County Medical. “We are now rapidly implementing Remote Patient Monitoring services. Without working with MD Revolution, we would have never been able to provide this benefit to our patients.”

But Electronic Caregiver’s partnership with MD Revolution has benefits that span far beyond the immediate need for Remote Patient Monitoring, providing doctors with important health information that can be tracked over time, Washburn said.

“Patients are only at doctors’ offices less than one percent of the time,” he said. “When a doctor visits a patient, if all they’re going by is that visit, they have a very small, unrealistic view of the big picture of what’s going on with that patient.”

“Our technology paired with MD Revolution’s care coordination really is a the thing that makes improved outcomes more attainable,” he added, “and because you can scale it, you can also do that across a much greater number of patients at a very economical cost.”

Source: Company Press Release