APS001 is a new anticancer agent currently under development at Anaeropharma Science that utilises characteristic features of Bifidobacterium longum.

Eisai’s both contracts cover the development of drugs that utilise obligate anaerobes and nonpathogenic bacteria, traits which are characteristic of Bifidobacterium, a human intestinal tract bacterium.

As per therms of the option agreement related to APS001, Eisai will acquire the right of first review concerning the results of the Phase I clinical trials for the drug, which are scheduled to be conducted in the US Anaeropharma Science, and the right of first refusal concerning the licensing of the compound under development.

Additionally, Eisai is expected to compensate Anaeropharma Science for these two priority rights.

As per the terms of the agreement concerning the discovery of anticancer agent candidates that utilise features of Bifidobacterium as a drug delivery system, the two companies shall conduct joint research regarding specific substances in order to discover the candidates.

Additionally, Eisai is expected to bear the research expenses for the joint research and shall acquire the right of first refusal regarding the exclusive licensing necessary for commercialisation based on the results of this joint research.