The company said that the generator provides medical grade USP oxygen at the push of a button from self-contained inert dry compounds. EHSI is currently performing due diligence under this option, which includes affirming the status of the Camox product as well as other medical products owned by Stand-By Systems.

The Camox is being developed to compete with the existing obsolete US military protective mask systems, including the MCU-2/P and the M-45. The Camox product is a scaled down version of the MAYDAY emergency personnel escape system (self-contained breathing apparatus) designed for use with the SBS 1615 catalytic oxygen generator.

The Camox provides sustainable respiration for 15 minutes, allowing an individual to escape a hostile or contaminated environment such as chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear (CBRN). Camox is a single-use throw away belt-worn device. When deployed, Camox provides full range of vision and unimpaired ability to hear and be heard (even by cell phone).