Emerging Healthcare Solutions has entered into an option agreement with TraumaTec, the provider of Neuro-Wrap medical device.

Under the agreement, during the 60-day option period, EHSI will conduct a due-diligence review of TramaTec and its prospects in order to negotiate a potential investment and profit-sharing agreement.

TraumaTec’s Neuro-Wrap device is designed to deliver selective brain cooling in order to minimise neuronal injury and improve outcome in patients suffering cardiac arrest, stroke, or traumatic brain injury, to avoid the complications seen with full-body cooling.

EHSI president and CEO Cindy Morrissey said millions of patients suffer brain injuries and other traumatic afflictions each year, and selective brain cooling has proven to improve their recovery.

"TraumaTec has come up with an innovative, effective medical device in the Neuro-Wrap, and we’re pleased to move forward in our relationship with them," Morrissey said.

Emerging Healthcare Solutions focuses on the development of profitable emerging medical technology, a sector that also includes Amgen, Dendreon, Smith & Nephew plc and Pharmaceutical Product Development.